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I love writing about anything style-related! If a young man can do it, then so can you. You can find me out and about on IG at @nouralgarah

Clothing comes numero uno

Man wearing a black t-shirt under a light blue denim dress shirt with accessories such as dog tag, cross, and bracelets. Black denim jeans and white sneakers.

Spring is an amazing transitional season, where one can finally look around and see birds chirping for the first time in a while, flowers starting to sprout, and trees regaining their luscious, green color.

With that being said; however, don’t be fooled!

Remember what I said about spring being a transitional season?

Think of it this way: winter and summer are playing a tug of war, and whoever wins determines the weather.

As of writing this, it’s currently 2°C (35°F) outside my apartment on the west coast of Sweden; the forecast isn’t showing much good, let me tell you that…

The inspiration that can take you a long way

Man with pompadour hairstyle wearing sunglasses and leather jacket layered on top of a white dress shirt and black pants. Also wearing a white watch with dark blue straps.

Do you want to sport stunning clothing that will get you compliments right, left, and center?

Are you tired of having to wear the same old, boring clothes that you also wore last spring?

If so, stick around, as I showcase some of my favorite outfits that are guaranteed to make you stand out.

This list is also GQ approved, so don't worry; the experts have got your back.

1. Color Explosion

Stylishness doesn’t have to require a lot of time

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

GQ. Esquire. Vogue. What do they all have in common? Apart from being about men’s fashion, their outfits can require a lot of attention, care, and time. And like money, time doesn’t grow on trees. We all wish it would, but you and me? We’re both just humans racing against the clock.

In this post, I’ve compiled my top 4 items; items that provide comfort and convenience, all without sacrificing stylishness. These hidden gems are guaranteed to make you think “Where have these been all my life?”

Without further ado, let’s hop into it.

Summer is (finally) on its way!

Man with perms in his dark hair wearing suede brown leather jacket/bomber jacket, white T-shirt for a base layer and black pants with white sneakers.
Rowan Row

The starting signal of 2021 came with extreme weather, frigid conditions, and lots and lots of power outages, as a reminder that the shit-show that was 2020 has finally passed. Most of us, however, are still optimistic for 2021.

Especially me, with spring finally in the air (for us in the northern hemisphere!)

In my eyes, spring is a time where one can (finally) dress lightly, but you never know when the temps are going to drop all of a sudden. I once made the mistake of going out wearing shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of March. …

When the body is with the mind, all is well

Man in a black suit sitting at a table and drinking coffee near a café. Bearded and with black hair, confident look.
Confidence is not something that appears overnight; rather, it is something gradually built over time.

Imagine this: you get sick and tired of your old clothes and want to do a wardrobe overhaul by experimenting with fun colors and more depth. Maybe you want to try layering or new jackets.

Enthusiastically, you start planning your new wardrobe. Then, something strange happens. Your brain sort of rejects the ‘new you’. It forces you back into your comfort zone by alerting you that you look too fat or too ugly in the new outfits.

The fact of the matter is this: low self-esteem and anxiety can be detrimental to growing as a person. Be it through becoming…

Behold the streetwear takeover

David Beckham sporting a maroon bomber jacket layered on top of a black T-shirt with a serious look on his face

Does anybody remember the time when a brand of shoes, going for hundreds of friggin’ dollars a pair, sold out in 10 minutes?

Ah, Kanye West, you son of a gun.

With sought-after brands like Supreme, Kanye West (yes, he is a brand!), and Off-White, it’s hard to deny that streetwear is becoming more popular. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, streetwear is definitely on the rise.

One thing that is also rapidly rising in popularity?

Bomber jackets!

This seemingly subtle piece of outerwear is becoming more prevalent in the streets of big cities — from London to…

Bold, brilliant, and sophisticated.

Most of us walk through life with a bare-bones and simple-minded understanding of style.

Hell, some think that just having something that covers your private parts will suffice. It’s ridiculous. However, some pieces defy all expectations. They turn heads, garner respect, and give off a sophisticated, manly vibe.

The courage needed to sport these pieces can be incredibly frustrating to gather for some; it all boils down to one thing, though.

That one thing is confidence.

5 Eye-Catching Accessories

7 Fashion Hacks for Handsome Men

With it, you can wear anything and feel good about it. Now, I’m not giving…

Life is so much more exciting with accessories.

Like seasoning on food, accessories create depth and all sorts of contrast. A great outfit will get you further than any sloppily dressed counterpart; sure, but a great outfit with well-chosen accessories will get you even further.

According to a study conducted on 1085 Americans, being a well-dressed man really does make a difference:

  • 85% of women think that a well-dressed guy is sexier than a sloppily dressed rich person. [Hooray for us non-millionaires!]
  • 75% of Americans think that well-dressed men are more successful at work than their average joe colleagues.

All of this points to the fact that stylish…

Keep it neat and tidy

Organizing a wardrobe can be an arduous task. We all come across that piece of clothing that we are virtually inseparable from, such as your favorite (but gross) t-shirt. It can even be a shirt you decided to keep because a family member or friend gifted it to you, and you didn’t want to hurt their feelings by throwing it away.

7 Fashion Hacks to Become the MOST Handsome Man

5 Tips to Master Winter Clothing

The Ultimate Guide to Gym Wear

There are, however, times where you just need to let go. If you want to open your wardrobe…

How to both look and feel your best while working out

Nothing about working out is fancy. You sweat and you grunt like a pig for an entire hour—sometimes, even more, just to do it all over the next day. So why not do it all while being well-prepared?

The sports apparel industry is valued at around $170 billion and is estimated to cross the $250 billion mark in 2026; though, it’s for a good reason. Nothing beats good ẃorkout clothes, that make you feel comfortable and mobile at the same time.

Wearing workout clothes should make you feel confident, cool (both in terms of temperature and being cool), but also…

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